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Guides & Tutorials

Guitar wiring problems? It can appear like a maze but with a little practice and a clear and concise wiring diagram, it is actually easier than you think. Here we have a selection of detailed step by step guides to installing and wiring our most popular products, notably the Les Paul, Stratocaster and Telecaster wiring kits. Our easy to read wiring diagrams are on hand too. The guides are also available in video format on our Youtube channel.

If you have any questions about using any of our products and you can not find the relevant information below - please get in touch and we will do our best to help you. We are always updating these guides so its very likely the how-to guide you are looking for is in the pipeline. We also have a section for the most commonly asked questions with regards to guitar wiring in general.


Wiring Kit Guides

How to Wire a Stratocaster

How to Wire a Strat With Blend Control

How to Wire a Les Paul (50s style)

How to Wire an SG

How to Wire a Telecaster

Reverse Telecaster Control Plate Wiring

Esquire Eldred Mod Wiring

4 Way Telecaster Mod

How to Wire a Les Paul Junior

How to Wire a Jazz Bass

How to Wire a Precision Bass

How to Wire an ES 335

Coil Split Les Paul (modern wiring)

Coil Split Les Paul (50s wiring)

Wiring Harness Installation Instructions

General Prewired Harness Installation Guide

Les Paul Wiring Harness

Solderless Jimmy Page Harness Installation

4 Way Telecaster Harness Installation

Solderless Stratocaster Kits Installation

10 Way Stratocaster Harness Installation

6 Way Telecaster Harness Installation


3-way Toggle Switch Wiring

Gilmour Strat Wiring Mod (7 Way Strat)

5-Way Switch Wiring (Strat)

3-Way Switch Wiring (Tele)

4-Way Telecaster Switch Wiring

Strat Bridge Pickup Tone Control Wiring

Oak Grigsby Super Switch Wiring


Copper Shielding - How to Shield a Guitar

CTS Push Pull Pot Wiring

Coil Splitting Humbuckers

Wiring a Guitar Jack with Braided Wire

Soldering Braided Guitar Wire

Soldering Tips: Tinning Guitar Components

Treble Bleed Mod

Using Resistors

How To Make a No Load Tone Pot

Guitar Jack Socket Wiring


Guitar Wiring FAQ

Audio or Linear Pots - What's the Difference?

250k or 500k Pots?

Modern vs 50s Les Paul Wiring

How Guitar Pots Work

How To Measure Guitar Pots