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Super Switch Wiring Diagrams

Super switches are used to offer a whole variety of wiring possibilities compared to a standard 1 pole blade switch. These include series/parallel, coil splitting and various coil combinations.

Below you will find a basic guide to offer an understanding how multi pole super switches work.

We stock both the 4 pole narrow super switch and the 2 pole super switch manufactured by Oak Grigsby. The narrow 4 pole super switch fits inside a standard Telecaster control cavity.

 The 5 way 4 pole super switch has 4 poles each consisting of 5 solder terminals (ie 5 positions) as well as 4 common lugs.

The common lugs are always on. So irrespective of what position the lever is in, the common lugs will always be connected, as well as the position terminal on each pole. 

how super switch works

As we move the lever, the corresponding position's solder terminals become active and connected to common.

how to wire oak grigsby super switch

Below you will find a range of diagrams for different setups using super switches including HSS, HSH and HH setups.

The below diagrams use both the 4 pole and 2 pole 5 way super switches.

Super Switch Strat Wiring

HSS (with auto split)

HSH (1 volume, 2 tone)

HSH (1 volume, 1 tone)

5 way Strat (neck + bridge pickup)

Quarter Blend Strat Mod

Super Switch Tele Wiring

HH Tele

Nashville Tele

5 Way Tele (series/parallel/out of phase)


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