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EU Customers - VAT & Fees included on orders €150.00 or below
EU Customers - VAT & Fees included on orders €150.00 or below

10 Way Stratocaster® Wiring Harness

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Using a 5B5-01 Free-Way blade switch, this harness allows 10 switch positions on your Strat®. The Free-Way 5B5 blade switch literally makes the most versatile electric guitar on the planet twice as versatile!

The Free-Way 5B5 switch is nice and discreet and sits in a standard Strat pickguard. Rather than faffing around with push pull pots or mini toggle switches, all of the switching is, surprisingly, done via the switch. Containing two banks of 5 switch positions (lower bank and upper bank) the 10 way Strat harness maintains the classic switch positions we are all familiar with.

Flicking the switch into the upper bank, enables series/parallel switching, neck and bridge pickup combinations and all three pickups on simultaneously. For the full guide to switch positions, refer to the schematic attached.

10 Way Strat® Harness Features:

  •  1 x Freeway 5B5-01 blade switch
  •  3 x 250k SSS Premium® CTS pots (8% tolerance)
  •  2 x 0.047uF SSS Premium® PIO capacitors
  •  1 x Prewired Switchcraft® 1/4'' jack socket
  •  Optional treble bleed cap on volume control

Switch Positions:

Lower Bank (normal Strat® wiring)

  • 5) Bridge
  • 4) Middle + bridge
  • 3) Middle
  • 2) Middle + neck
  • 1) Neck

Upper Bank (series/parallel combos)

  • 6) Middle + bridge (in series)
  • 7) Neck + middle + bridge (in parallel)
  • 8) Neck + bridge (in series)
  • 9) Neck + bridge (in parallel)
  • 10) Neck + middle (in series)

SSS Premium® CTS Pots Featuring SSS Premium® CTS pots, our prewired kits are the ultimate upgrade to stock electronics in modern guitars. SSS Premium® pots have a custom audio taper as opposed to the modern 10% audio taper, giving you a smoother and more rounded control sweep, measured to within 8% resistance tolerance.

Will this fit my guitar? The 10 way Strat wiring harness will fit most USA/Mexican made Fender Strat models with no modification required. If fitting into import models/copies/partscasters, you may be required to ream or drill the pot holes to 3/8'' diameter to take the larger CTS pot shafts. A cavity depth of 34mm is required for the switch. The switch slot on the pickguard needs to be 2mm wide to ensure full functionality of the Free Way 5B5-01 blade switch. This kit requires a metric fitting switch tip.

*PLEASE NOTE - this kit requires standard 2 wire single coil pickups*

This kit is not compatible with baseplates on the bridge pickup.

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