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Free UK Shipping on orders over £100
Free UK Shipping on orders over £100

SSS Premium® - Our Stamp of Quality


SSS Premium® is our in house brand - our signature of absolute quality that covers our custom spec CTS potentiometers, our PIO capacitors and by extension, our range of prewired kits and DIY kits.

We don't believe in mojo, snake oil or "vintage correct" hype, nor care for the prices such marketing covets - we stand for one thing and one thing only - quality.

Having our own custom designed CTS potentiometers and PIO capacitors enables absolute quality control when assembling our prewired kits to help you get the very most from your guitar.

Such is the belief in our quality, we offer a lifetime guarantee* on our prewired kits to the original owner.

SSS Premium® CTS pots

SSS Premium® CTS pots

In 2020 we teamed up with CTS to design our custom range of 450g series CTS pots. 8% tolerance, nice torque and a custom audio taper for maximum response. Ride the SSSP!

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SSS Premium® PIO Capacitors

SSS Premium® PIO Capacitors

No mojo, no snake oil - genuine hermetically sealed PIO capacitors to tight tolerances at non vintage prices.

prewired precision bass kit

SSS Premium® Prewired

Top notch components, professionally soldered - find out what our prewired kits can do for your tone.

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SSS Premium® DIY Series

SSS Premium® DIY Series

The same top notch components used in our prewired range to assemble yourself. Use our wiring diagrams, videos and of course, heat up that soldering iron.

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*Lifetime Guarantee

Our lifetime guarantee covers all items in our SSS Premium® Prewired range only and includes free of charge replacement/spare parts and/or repairs for the lifespan of the kit to the original owner. Terms and conditions apply.


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