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Nashville Tele Wiring

Combining the best of both worlds - Strat + Tele. This diagram makes use of a 2 pole 5 way super switch to get the classic Strat sounds and the popular neck + bridge combo we all love on a Telecaster.

We combine this with 250k pots and a 0.047uF capacitor but of course this is down to your personal preference.

The only switch position this setup does not have is middle pickup ony.


super switch wiring diagram for Nashville Telecaster

Version 2

The below version is a much simpler method using a standard CRL/Oak Grigsby 5 way switch as opposed to a superswitch. This offers the classic 5 way switching positions we are familiar with on a standard Stratocaster®.

  • 5 - bridge
  • 4 - bridge + middle
  • 3 - middle
  • 2 - middle + neck
  • 1 - neck

wiring diagram for nashville telecaster


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