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Free UK Shipping on orders over £100

Solderless Jazz Bass® Harness

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SSS Premium® prewired kits are subject to a 3-5 working day assembly time. Refer to our shipping policy.

Our Jazz Bass® wiring harness is now available in solderless format.

Installation is nice and easy and simply requires a small screwdriver to secure your pickup and ground wires into the screw terminal block.

Jazz Bass® Harness consists of:

  • 250k SSS Premium® CTS pots
  • Switchcraft® USA 1/4'' jack socket
  • 0.047uF SSS Premium® PIO capacitor
  • Gavitt® cloth wire
  • Tinned copper ground wire
  • Wiring diagram

SSS Premium® CTS Pots

Featuring SSS Premium® CTS pots, our prewired Jazz Bass® kit is the ultimate upgrade to stock electronics in modern guitars. SSS Premium® pots have a smooth, custom audio taper as opposed to the modern 10% audio taper, giving you a smoother and more rounded control sweep from 10 to 1, measured to a tolerance of 8%.

Will this fit my bass?

This Jazz Bass® wiring kit will fit genuine Fender® models with no modification necessary. If installing into an eastern import, you may be required to either drill your control plate holes to a larger diameter (10mm) or choose a new control plate.

Control Knobs

The pots used in the prewired kit are solid shaft and take 6.35mm screw fit control knobs. If you need some new control knobs - click here.

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