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Precision Bass® Wiring Kit

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Everything you need to re-wire you Precision bass®.

Our Precision Bass® wiring kit will suit genuine Fender® models as well as imported copies and similar bass models that use one volume and one tone control. This wiring kit is ideal for your home built guitars, upgrading many imported models or the stock electronics that come with the majority of DIY bass kits.

Kit includes:

  • 2 x SSS Premium® 250k pots (CTS)
  • 1 x Switchcraft® 1/4'' mono jack socket
  • 1 x 0.047uF 100v orange drop capacitor
  • 1.5ft Gavitt USA black push back cloth wire
  • 1.5ft Gavitt USA yellow push back cloth wire
  • Easy to read wiring diagram
  • Optional SSS Premium® PIO capacitor upgrade

Electronics play a major role in the overall tone and performance of your bass. This kit enables you to completely re-wire your bass to the same level as high end models.

Vintage style cloth wire and the orange drop capacitor go hand in hand with the CTS pots and Switchcraft jack.

SSS Premium® CTS Pots

Featuring SSS Premium® CTS pots, our DIY wiring kits are the ultimate upgrade to any model and perfect for projects. SSS Premium® CTS pots have a custom audio taper as opposed to the modern 10% audio taper, giving you a smoother and more rounded control sweep, with a resistance tolerance of 8%.

Will this fit my guitar?

This wiring kit is designed to fit genuine Fender® Precision Bass® guitars without modification. It can fit into pretty much any model however, as long as you are prepared for some minor modification to your guitar. If installing into an imported model, you may have to drill the control holes on the control plate to M10 diameter to accommodate the larger diameter CTS pots (9.52mm).

You may also be required to purchase some new control knobs if using the split shaft pots. You will need to ensure that the control knobs are imperial as opposed to metric commonly found on smaller pots used in imported models or copies.

Did you know...?

As the electric guitar became more and more popular during the 1950s, bass players began to feel left behind as they were often drowned out on stage by the guitarist's and singer's amplifiers. On top of that, double bass' were very large, heavy and often had to be played either sat down or standing still with the bass leaning against the player. Up steps Leo Fender, who based his original bass design on the Telecaster® shape and added a single coil pickup and frets to the neck - allowing players to play notes with precision. The name has stuck ever since.

For help with wiring - refer to our Precision Bass wiring guide.

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