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Free UK Shipping on orders over £100

SSS Premium® PIO Capacitors

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SSS Premium® paper in oil guitar capacitors are designed specifically for audio applications.

Constructed in the USA using the finest materials, these are brand new, made using vintage spec aluminium foil and Kraft paper film, impregnated with castor oil and hand soldered before being hermetically sealed in their aluminium cans.

These paper in oil capacitors are comparable to the highly sought after Bumblebee and Vitamin-Q caps from days gone by, at a more favourable price point. Roll back the tone, the clarity shines through.

Choose from either 0.015uF, 0.022uF or 0.047uF.

The 0.015uF pairs perfectly with the neck humbucker position in a typical Gibson® setup. Combined with a 0.022uF in the bridge position, you have a beautifully balanced setup. It offers a slightly brighter response which is great for retaining more clarity on the neck pickup.

Typically, 0.022uF is used with humbuckers whilst 0.047uF are used to tone down single coil pickups. Au contraire, a 0.022uF works beautifully in a Strat, for example. So go figure! Naturally, it comes down to personal taste.

These PIO capacitors feature in each SSS Premium® wiring harness

SSS Premium® Paper In Oil Capacitors Features:

  • Guitar & Bass Friendly Size (20.5mm length x 9.5mm diameter)
  • Capacitance Tolerance: +\- 10%
  • Voltage rating: 400v
  • Sturdy 20 AWG tinned copper wire leads
  • True vintage Kraft paper in oil construction (PIO)
  • Mil Spec standard (hermetically sealed tubular case with sealed glass ends, ensuring no drift over time)
  • ROHS compliant

Sold individually. Made in the USA.

*please note - yellow rubber tubing NOT included - if you need capacitor lead tubing, we sell it here.

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