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Free UK Shipping on orders over £100

Les Paul® Wiring Kit

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This Les Paul® wiring kit consists of some of the best components on the market today and is a great way to upgrade the electronics in imported models, DIY guitar kits and partscasters.

CTS and Switchcraft are two of the "go-to" manufacturers for countless guitar techs, luthiers and guitarists worldwide and are commonly found in many high end USA guitars.

Orange drop capacitors are known throughout the industry for their sweet, mellow tones whilst the braided push back wire is found in Gibson USA guitars.

Les Paul® wiring kit includes:

  • 1 x Switchcraft® ¼’’ mono jack socket
  • 4 x 500k SSS Premium® CTS pots (8% tolerance)
  • 2 x 0.022uF 100v orange drop capacitors
  • 1 x Switchcraft® 3 way toggle switch
  • Deep threaded nut (long frame switch only)
  • 5ft Gavitt USA® braided push back wire
  • 1ft tinned copper ground wire
  • Colour wiring diagram
  • Optional SSS Premium® PIO capacitor upgrade
  • Heat shrink tubing for insulation and capacitor sleeves

SSS Premium® CTS Pots

Featuring SSS Premium® CTS pots, our wiring kits are the ultimate upgrade to any model, be it a DIY partscaster or Custom Shop. SSS Premium® CTS pots have a custom audio taper as opposed to the modern 10% audio taper, giving you a smoother and more rounded control sweep. Our pots are supplied to within a tolerance of 8%.

Will this fit my guitar?

This kit will fit genuine Gibson USA Les Pauls. The pot shaft diameter is 9.52mm. It can fit the vast majority of imported Les Paul® copies but it is likely you will be required to drill the tone and volume control holes through the body to a larger diameter (M10). The Switchcraft® toggle requires a mounting hole 12mm in diameter. For full installation instructions - how to wire a Les Paul®

Short frame or long frame?

Typically, all Gibson models, except for flat topped Les Pauls or Les Paul Studios, use the long frame switch.

All other Les Paul copies, Tokai, Epiphone etc...take the short frame switch

Short shaft or long shaft?

If in doubt, long shaft fits all (or ask us!)

Short shaft - Epiphone, Tokai and the vast majority of Les Paul copies.

Long shaft - Gibson models, except the below models:

  • Historic Reissue (R4/R5/R6/R7/R8/R9/R0)
  • 1952-1977 Standard's
  • 1954-1977 Custom's
  • 1968-1977 Deluxe's

NB - kits are supplied with cream, amber or black toggle switch tip depending on availability.

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