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Guitar Heat Shrink Tubing

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Option: 1.5mm (yellow)

Heat shrink tubing is sometimes used in guitar electronics - especially if your guitar uses copper shielding or conductive shielding paint.

Why? Quite simply, the protective tube is very useful when it comes to protecting key joints (eg. around the joints on the output jack) or in particular when a bare ground wire is running through the inside of a guitar. Simply add heat to shrink the rubber tube and make it nice and snug around the desired area.

We offer 3 sizes:

3.2mm is perfect for the braided guitar wire that often runs through the control cavity of a Les Paul/SG and other guitars. It is also very useful for protecting key or vulnerable joints (if they touch a live wire or any shielding equipment, the whole circuit will short).

6mm diameter tubing which is perfect for Strat style guitars - when you have 6 pickup wires underneath the pickguard, it is useful to funnel them all together in the same direction - it just keeps things simple, neat and tidy. Also useful for covering the 3 braided wires from a toggle switch (multiple wires together).

1.5mm diameter - ideal for insulating capacitor leads and jumper wires.

Each tube is sold in 15cm lengths which you can then cut to size if required.