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Stratocaster Blend Control Wiring

blender control strat wiring diagram

Another popular Strat wiring setup is to make use of a blender pot. Using a blender pot allows you to blend in different combinations of pickups using a blend control. This setup uses 2 standard 250k audio CTS pots and a blender pot. A master volume, master tone and a blend control. The blender pot acts similarly to a no load tone pot - when fully open at 10, the pot is taken out of the circuit, acting as a bypass.

Switch and blender function:

Blend control on 10

(Plays like a normal Strat)

Blend control on 0

- Position 1: Bridge with neck faded in

- Position 2: Bridge and middle, neck faded in

- Position 3: Middle

- Position 4: Middle and and neck, bridge faded in

- Position 5: Neck with bridge faded in

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