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FREE UK Shipping on orders over £30!


guitar electronics CTS switchcraft

We only stock the highest quality guitar electronics so when installing a new pot, switch or a simple capacitor change, we are supplying you with the best. Given that it is an electric guitar, it goes without saying that electronics play a major role in it's performance. Your overall tone is only as good as its weakest link.

We source premium products from manufacturers such as CTS®, Switchcraft®, Electroswitch® and Gavitt®, amongst others.

Each component is tested before shipping to ensure the tightest tolerances. Quality electronics really make a difference and can turn a good guitar into a great one.

As well as individual components, we also have guitar wiring kits and our own SSS Premium® prewired harnesses. We have a range of videos, wiring guides and wiring diagrams showing you how to use our products. When it comes to guitar electronics, trust Six String Supplies.

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