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Precision Bass Wiring

wiring diagram for precision bass

Wiring diagram for the precision bass - this diagram is based on our Precision Bass Wiring Kit and makes use of CTS solid shaft pots, vintage style push back cloth wire, a 0.047uf orange drop capacitor and a Switchcraft USA jack. This isn't set in stone - many players like to use a 0.068uf capacitor.

Did you know...

As popularity of the electric guitar soared during the 1950s, live bass players began to feel left behind as they were often drowned out by singers and of course guitar amplifiers. On top of this, the traditional double bass was very large, heavy and hard to manoeuvre on stage with players either standing or sitting with the bass leaning against them. Step up Leo Fender, who based his original electric bass design around the Telecaster by adding a single pickup and frets - allowing bass players to play with precision. The name has stuck ever since.


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