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Modern vs 50s Les Paul Wiring

50s vs modern les paul wiring

What are the differences between the modern Les Paul wiring setup and the popular 50s version? Which is better? It all comes down to your personal preference as a guitarist.

In the modern version, the pickup is connected to the volume input lug in conjunction with the capacitor. This gives a better volume swell. It maintains the overall volume better as it is rolled back but at the cost of losing some of the high end frequencies. This is why many modern guitars can sound a bit muddy at lower volumes. This can be rectified by installing a treble bleed circuit onto each volume pot.

In the 50s setup, the pickup is soldered alone to the volume input lug. This results in a higher output and the capacitor acts as a treble bleed. As volume is decreased, more high end frequencies are maintained allowing you to play and a lower volume with more clarity. The relationship between the volume and tone controls changes too. They become more interactive with each other. As you decrease the tone control, the volume will decrease ever so slightly. Minute changes in tone with influence volume and output and vice versa.

Which is better? Neither. You could even get the best of both worlds by having the neck controls in the 50s style and the bridge controls using the modern style.

We have a detailed step by step photo guide to wiring a 50s style Les Paul, including wiring the toggle switch and jack using braided guitar wire.

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