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Modern Les Paul Wiring

les paul wiring diagram modern wiring

The modern wiring setup of stock Les Pauls. Note the difference in capacitor location between this and the 50s wiring setup. The 50s version gives a more rounded tone and the pickup being soldered alone to the volume lug offers a higher output. The capacitor also acts as a treble bleed which reduces the loss of high end frequencies as you turn down the volume control. In the modern version, the pickup is soldered to the volume lug with the capacitor. This version will maintain volume better as it is decreased but at the cost of losing some of the high end frequencies.


Les Paul Wiring Diagrams

Jimmy Page Wiring Diagram

3 Humbucker Les Paul (with push pull pot for middle pickup)

Coil Split Les Paul (using push pull pots)

Coil Split Les Paul (tone push pull pots)

Switchcraft Toggle Switch Wiring (Read our step by step guide on how to wire a Switchcraft toggle switch)

Les Paul/SG Junior

ES-335 Wiring Diagram



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