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EU Customers - VAT & Fees included on orders €150.00 or below
EU Customers - VAT & Fees included on orders €150.00 or below

10 Way Free-Way Switch Loaded Pickguard

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£234.95 - £234.95
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Pickguard: Black
Knobs/Covers: Black

A fully loaded Strat® pickguard featuring our popular 10 way Strat® kit.

Featuring an SSS Premium® prewired kit and a set of our hand wound "Antimatter" single coil pickups, this loaded Strat® pickguard is ready to drop into your Strat®.

All you need to do is connect the ground wire from the bridge and connect your prewired jack socket (provided).

This loaded pickguard features our prewired harness and pickup set onto an aluminium shielding plate.


  • Antimatter pickup set (6.3k N/M/B)*
  • 250k SSS Premium® CTS pots (8% tolerance)
  • Prewired Switchcraft 1/4'' jack socket
  • Free-Way 5B5-01 blade switch
  • SSS Premium® 0.047uF paper in oil capacitors
  • Wired using Gavitt USA cloth wire
  • Full pickguard sized aluminium shielding plate
  • Pickguard, control knob set and switch tip.

Switch Positions:

Lower Bank (normal Strat® wiring)

  • Bridge (5)
  • Middle + bridge (4)
  • Middle (3)
  • Middle + neck (2)
  • Neck (1)

Upper Bank (series/parallel combos)

  • Middle + bridge (in series) (6)
  • Neck + middle + bridge (in parallel) (7)
  • Neck + bridge (in series) (8)
  • Neck + bridge (in parallel) (9)
  • Neck + middle (in series) (10)

Will this fit my guitar?

This prewired Strat® pickguard will fit genuine USA an Mexican made Fender models with no modification required. It can fit any Strat® copy but you may be required to drill extra holes in your guitar body to match up with the pickguard.

*Resistance values approx. Choose from a range of pickguard and control knob colours as well as the wiring setup.

Please note loaded pickguard orders take 3-5 business days to assemble and pack.

Refer to our shipping policy