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EU Customers - VAT & Fees included on orders €150.00 or below
EU Customers - VAT & Fees included on orders €150.00 or below

Prewired Harnesses

SSS Premium® guitar wiring harnesses are hand wired and tested right here in the UK using the highest quality components from Switchcraft®, CRL, CTS and others, including our own SSS Premium® CTS pots and our signature SSS Premium® PIO capacitors. We do prewired guitar kits for all classic guitar and bass models.

Our prewired kits are the ultimate upgrade for stock electronics in any guitar, be it a partscaster or a custom shop model. Simply drop an SSS Premium® wiring harnesses into your guitar, hook up your pickups and jack and you're ready to go. Guitar wiring can be a total pain - our kits eliminate the hassle.

Built to last - We take a lot of pride in producing some of the cleanest looking, finest prewired kits that money can buy. Find out what our wiring kits and custom audio components can do for your tone.

Our solderless kits are identical to our prewired harnesses in every way, except we have removed the necessity to use a soldering iron for easy installation. Using the finest, German made terminals, you simply need a screwdriver and the ability to read a simple diagram to give your guitar or bass a new lease of life.

NOTE - each guitar wiring harness uses CTS (imperial sized) pots and imperial threaded switches. If you are upgrading the electronics in an imported model or copy, you may be required to purchase imperial control knobs & switch tips to suit.

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