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FREE UK Shipping on orders over £30!

Gavitt® Braided Guitar Wire

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£2.95 - £49.95
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Select Length: 2ft

Classic Gavitt® braided guitar wire.

The cloth insulation simply pushes back to expose the inner black cloth wire which acts as the hot/live. Use the outer braid as the ground. Our braided hook up wire is period correct, 2 strand braid weave.

  • Outer braid
  • Inner black cloth
  • Inner white Celanese braid
  • 7/30 strand tinned copper

Clean electronics help reduce unwanted feedback. This popular, vintage correct Gavitt® wire is superb in the sense that it is space saving - it is essentially 2 wires in 1. The outer braid acts as the ground, which is pushed back to reveal the inner cloth wire which acts as the hot/live.

We recommend using heat shrink tubing with braided guitar wire for extra protection, particularly inside the control cavity of a Les Paul or SG style guitar where the braid (ground) can come into contact with other components resulting in an unwanted short circuit. Best value for money in 50ft reels (pictured)