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FREE UK Shipping on orders over £30!

Knobs & Tips

A range of guitar control knobs and switch tips to fit our wiring kits, prewired harnesses and components with imperial dimensions such as CTS pots, CRL, OAK Grigsby and Switchcraft® switches.

We stock both push fit plastic control knob sets to suit Strat and Gibson style guitars as well as screw fit domed Tele knobs or Jazz Bass knobs for solid shaft pots. Our domed Telecaster control knobs are made in the UK. Use the drop down menus on each product to select your colour preference.

Our push fit control knobs will fit 24 spline split shaft pots (CTS, Bourns etc...) and screw fit will fit 1/4'' (6.35mm) solid shaft pots.

NOTE - All of our prewired kits and DIY wiring kits use CTS pots so will require imperial sized control knobs if you do not already have some.


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